I moved here for 90 days over 32 years ago.  I love living at the beach!

I don't get to go on vacation EVER so it makes me want

to make your vacation even more memorable. 

It's all about having fun and being HAPPY!

If you've ever wanted to move to the beach, but still wanted to have a career,

you can buy my shop!  I'll sell you my house, too.  It's 2 miles from the shop.

I'm located on the causeway on the right, halfway between the stoplight

and the bridge as you're heading to the beach.

Look for the colorful banner flags and be sure to get a picture of you

and your family in the turtle cut out board, that is hanging on the trees. 


Everyone loves our TURTLES!

I would  enjoy  hearing  from  you!

Cappuccino  By  The  Sea

3331  Holden  Beach  Road,  SW

Holden  Beach, NC  28462


For more information, email me at:


Tel: 910.842.3661

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