Coffee & Tea

I could make coffee in my sleep!  I just love coffee! 

The main region everyone loves is Colombian. 

It's available fresh in the morning or afternoon. 

I still say mine is the best!

In the summer, you can get it served cold with COFFEE ICE CUBES. 

The coffee gets stronger as the cubes melt from the hot coffee. 

I've been making coffee ice cubes since 1994. 

I didn't invent them but I'm VERY often COPIED around town.

I also have cappuccinos (famous around the world), Frappuccinos

and new for 2019: an Espresso Protein Frappe, vanilla or chocolate.

My chai tea is the best.  I make it from scratch - orange with vanilla. 

It tastes like a Dreamsicle with tea in it.  Also available over ice.

Lemonade and hot chocolate round out the drinks for the young or old.

Gift baskets can be picked up or delivered locally. 

Filled with candies, cookies and gourmet coffees & teas.

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